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Welcome to 

Happy Humming Kids

A Virtual Learning School for your kids


Dear Parents,

Happy Humming Kids is a virtual learning initiative for parents who wish to educate their children without the pressure of traditional methods of education.

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Our aim is to build a strong base and introduce education as a brain friendly learning.


Our focus is more on learning through Neurolanguage which gives the child more autonomy at a young age to choose their own path of learning.


Teachers here are facilitators for learning and showing the child different paths to choose from.


As the child spends most of his/ her time at home, we at Happy Humming Kids believe that the child should be able to find inspiration to learn from their very own environment.


“We understand that every child is unique and likes to hum their own tune. This has inspired us to develop a curriculum that encourages them to bring forth their natural talents.”

Why us

“There is no better learner than a
self motivated learner.”

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Foundation of Trust and Happiness 


Understanding Emotions


Inquisitive & Open-mindedness


Mental and Academic Ability

Important future skill for AI and ML nature of work

  • Spiritual Quotient            

  • Emotional Quotient           

  • Curiosity Quotient             

  • Intelligence Quotient        

  • Adaptability Quotient

we inculcate the essential skills of 5Qs


We have a few special courses for you